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Hitachi in Malaysia

Focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, Hitachi Asia's business includes information systems, power and industrial systems, R&D, digital media systems, international procurement and Center of Excellence.

Hitachi Asia (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a leading solutions partner to customers in Malaysia. Hitachi Asia (Malaysia) markets a wide scope of products like power generation & transmission systems, heavy industrial equipment, elevators and escalators. The Company also offers information systems which include supply chain management systems (ERP), integration solutions, supplier relationship management and systems management solution (JP1) as well as related technical services to customers. Supported by an extensive sales and service network of highly trained professionals, Hitachi Asia (Malaysia) has progressed steadily since its incorporation in 1992.

Some interesting facts about Hitachi:

  • Hitachi first started out as an electrical repair shop for a copper mining company in Hitachi City
  • Hitachi's first products were electric motors
  • Hitachi, Ltd. has been established since 1910
  • It took Hitachi 84 years to establish the 4 regional headquarters
  • The inherent meaning of is corporate statement "Inspire the Next" means to breathe life into the coming age
  • Hitachi is responsible for generating about 50% of Singapore's electric supply
  • The majority of mobile phones in Europe have a Hitachi component in them
  • Hitachi developed the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) which enables bills to be pressed and disinfected in 1994
  • Hitachi developed the world's 1st 4.7 GB DVD–RAM standard compliant DVD Camcorder in 2000
  • In the Japanese context, "Hi" means "Sun" while "tachi" means "Rise" which is why HITACHI is known as "Sunrise" i.e. "ri li" in Chinese/Japanese