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Hitachi in Malaysia

Hitachi's Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Group markets an extensive range of commercial and industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment using some of the world's most advanced technologies.

Advanced technology equipment, guaranteeing high performance, includes 'screw' compressors for chillers and 'scroll' compressors with inverters for multi-fan coil air-conditioning systems. Also in the repertoire, is the world's highest efficiency large tonnage steam absorption chillers - suitable for diverse applications like district cooling.

Hitachi's series of air conditioners makes use of a new refrigerant that contains no ozone-layer depleting materials. In addition, they have a cycle-heating dehumidification system which allows the user of the air conditioner to experience freshness that comes from being able to keep the level of humidity low even as the temperature of the room increases. When considering the need to switch between cooling and heating due to changes in seasons, differences in room temperature, and the need to cool offices all year round, arising from widespread use of computers and terminal devices, heat recovery operations are a precondition for air-conditioning systems in buildings. To meet such needs, Hitachi developed a new multi-split air-conditioning system called "SET-FREE FSXN", which supports heat recovery operations. With an expanded lineup, enhanced efficiency, reduced dimensions and improved workability, SET-FREE FSXN offers superb energy-saving efficiency and better comfort.

  • Outdoor Units –a full line-up of products covering commercial and building use. Hitachi technology saves energy and space:
  • Indoor Units – the best product line up in the industry integrating commercial and building use. Products are available to suit all uses and purposes.
  • Control Systems – Hitachi's exclusive intelligent control system actualizes highly customizable control, with central, dispersed or individual control available

In the area of air conditioners and refrigerators much like other products, Hitachi carefully takes into account what consumers want and applies that knowledge directly to the products they develop. It has always been a Hitachi tradition to apply similar innovations to as many of the company's consumer electronics products as possible.


  • Hitachi is the world first to successfully introduce R410A refrigerant in all its range of products, starting from room-air-conditioners, package air-conditioners and presently; Water-cooled screw chiller.
  • Revolutionary low sound pressure level. 30 dB (A) (1.0~2.0HP: at high speed operation) is realized by adopting the new DC fan motor and the vibration-proof structure which protects the turbo fan from abnormal sounds. The low sound pressure level is 2 dB lower than conventional units on the market.
  • CSC-5S, Hitachi's central station system newly developed for the Hitachi screw chiller, provides individual control, quantity control and monitoring. It can be used for up to 8 chillers and installed according to the customer's air-conditioning environment. By remote control, the functions can be checked from the control room, which eliminates the need to go outside or to machine rooms for checking, unlike conventional machines.


  • 1940- Commercial use air-conditioner
  • 1960 - Packaged air conditioner
  • 1967 - Dry-type room air conditioner
  • 1971 - Rental business started.
  • 1971 - Auto leasing business started.
  • 1974 - Affiliated credit card (revolving) first issued (first trial in the credit industry)
  • 1975 - Agency business for life insurance started.
  • 1975 - The Hitachi Credit (Hong Kong) Corp. established.
  • 1976 - Went public on the stock exchange.
  • 1977 - Life insurance-affiliated loan business started.
  • 1983 - Air-conditioner with scroll compressor.
  • 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 - Japanese government's Energy Conservation Center gave Hitachi ACs energy-saver awards.