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Hitachi in Malaysia

Hitachi Koki (HKS) is a leader in the electric and cordless power tools industry, in South East Asia. Since its incorporation, HKS has developed rapidly, playing a major role in the changing face of technology – being at the forefront of technological innovations and maturing as an organization.

The Hitachi power tool ranges are readily accepted by distributor and customer networks based on product quality, reliability and backed by excellent ‘After Sales Service’.  The business, which comprises of drills, saws, grinders, hammers and other power tools and engine tools needed for outdoors, construction, metalwork and woodwork, has consistently grown and developed, generating a significant share of the market.

Hitachi Power Tools are produced in several manufacturing plants throughout the world and the diverse manufacturing policy has extensive benefits which include the utilization of local skilled labor, reliable component supply, economies of scale and geographical locations.  Every time someone chooses a Hitachi power tool they have the assurance of having made an excellent choice with a tool designed specifically with their satisfaction and peace of mind.


Since 1948, Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. has been an independent member of the broadly diverse Hitachi group. Hitachi Koki's relationship with its parent company brings important benefits to customers. These benefits include immediate access to the latest advancements in metallurgy, motor design and electronics - often long before these technologies appear in other manufacturers' products. Hitachi Koki uses the same armature balancing technology in developing electric motors for its line of power tools and adopted the use of three-dimensional digitizers in 2001. To date, Hitachi Koki has manufactured more than 1000 different models of electric power tools and cordless tools, focusing on compact and high-output motor technology.



  • 1948
    Founded as a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and equipment, and electric power tools.
  • 1949
    Listed on Tokyo Stock-Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.


  • 1957
    Production of electric power tools reaches 1 million units


  • 1960
    Manufacturing of pneumatic tools started


  • 1979
    Hitachi Koki (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd (HKS) founded
    Cordless drills introduced to the market


  • 1988
    Established Research and Development centre, as well as, a Power Tool Test Centre in Katsuta Plant in Japan which included state-of-the-art Robotic and Automated testing equipment


  • 1997
    Won Progress Prize of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association for the development of a separation-use small-sized centrifuge (150,000 revolutions/minute) - the highest speed machine of its kind in the world.


  • 2003
    Hitachi develops and patents new IDI (Internal Double Insulation) technology
  • 2009
    Hitachi Ltd becomes the parent company of Hitachi Koki Co.


  • 2011
    Guangzhou Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd. starts operations